is india a vertical distribution of government or horizontal form of government?give reasons for ur answer

Asked by my3shyll | 9th Jul, 2016, 10:21: PM

Expert Answer:

India follows both horizontal as well as vertical form of power sharing.
  • Horizontal Form: There are three main branches of government among which the power is shared - the legislature, executive and judiciary. This form makes sure that none of the organs of the government become too powerful and one branch of the government keeps a check on the other. For example, in India, once appointed, the judges cannot be removed from their office until and unless a motion to this effect is passed by two-third members of both the houses of the Parliament in India.

  • Vertical Form: The power is shared between the state government and central government. The central government looks after the development of nation as a whole, while the state governments shoulder the responsibility of developing their own states. For example, while the central government looks after the finances of the entire country, the state government takes care of the finances of their own states.
there are three main branches of government

Answered by Akanksha Kaul | 11th Jul, 2016, 12:14: PM

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