Is fullerne a good conductor of electricity? 

Some people said that, "its structure resembles to that of the graphite thus it is good conductor of electricity." 


Some said that, "Fullerne do not have layered structure like graphit and that is why free electrons do not jump and move easily . Thus, Fullerene is a bad conductor of electricity/ insulator. "


So I am confused which is correct.

Please solve my doubt.

Asked by hemaborate26 | 6th Feb, 2020, 08:27: AM

Expert Answer:

Fullerene is good cionductor of electricity but it is not as good as graphite. If we look at structure of Fullerene, there will be one free-moving electron moving about the structure. so it can conduct electricity but as compared to Graphite it can move easily.
So in general, Fullerene is good conductor of electricity nut in comparison to Graphite, it has less conductivity.

Answered by Ravi | 6th Feb, 2020, 11:08: AM