Is economic growth in democracies accompanied by increasing inequalities among the people? Please give answer in about 80-100 words.

Asked by vatsalchoudhary41 | 28th Oct, 2015, 03:15: PM

Expert Answer:

Yes, it is true to an extent that democracy is accompanied by increasing inequalities among people. It is visible in the following instances:

  • It is observed that on an average dictatorial regime have had slightly better records of economic growth. Also, within democracies there can be very high levels of economic inequality. For example in countries like South Africa and Brazil, the top 20% people account for more than 60% of the national income, whereas less than 3% remains for the bottom 20%.
  • In case of poverty, various democracies’ majority population is poor. They have to struggle hard to meet the basic needs of life, such as food, clothing, house, education and health. This has resulted in an alarming rate of rich getting richer and poor getting poorer.

Answered by Akanksha Kaul | 29th Oct, 2015, 12:58: PM

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