Is economic growth in democracies accompanied by increasing inequalities among the people?
do democracies  lead to a just distribution of goods & opportunities? Explain

Asked by vatsalchoudhary41 | 27th Oct, 2015, 07:37: PM

Expert Answer:

No, I don’t believe that democracies do not lead to a just distribution of goods and opportunities because:

  1. There is a growth in economic inequality, even after individuals having political equality. This leads to rich becoming richer and poor remaining poorer. Some ultra rich people enjoy disproportionate share of wealth and incomes, while the poor faces only poverty.
  2. The income level of the people at the bottom is declining, which makes it difficult to them to meet their basic needs of housing, clothing, food, education and health.
  3. Even after poor being a large proportion of voters and the party unwilling to loose their votes, the poor has to face various poverty problems, which the government never appears to address.

Answered by Akanksha Kaul | 28th Oct, 2015, 01:53: PM

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