is desert cooler can be used in our daily life why?

Asked by Petulla Mishra | 16th Jul, 2015, 11:57: AM

Expert Answer:

  • In case of Air desert Coolers, fresh outside air is taken, cooled and pushed in the room. Fresh air is taken from outside and passed through an evaporative pad containing water. The hot dry air cools down when it comes in contact with water on the evaporative pad. Although there is no option to control the temperature in air coolers, but it always supplies fresh air.
  • Air desert Coolers use water as refrigerant hence air coolers are greeners
  • Air desert Coolers are way cheaper as compared to Air Conditioners. 
  • The desert coolers not only cooled the rooms, but also kept the electricity bills low. 
  • Hence, using desert coolers is a better option than using air conditioners in day to day life.

Answered by Prachi Sawant | 17th Jul, 2015, 10:40: AM