'Indiscriminate use of resourceshas led to munerious problems.'Justify this statement

Asked by Ananta Srivastava | 4th Jul, 2014, 05:28: PM

Expert Answer:

Indiscriminate use of resources has led to numerous problems.

Continous deforestation has resulted in the depleting level of underground water as a result of which water has become a scarce resource. deforestation also leads to the loosening of soil leading to soil erosion which further leads to land slides. Floods and droughts are also largely caused due to deforestation.

The increasing use of coal and petroleum have made these resources scarce and time is not far away when these resources will be completely exhausted.

Indiscriminate mining result in the destruction of forest areas, the flora and the fauna. Thus we are facing the problems of land degradation and extinction of many varieties of plants and animals.

Therefore, we can say that indiscriminate use of resources has resulted in various problems of land degradation, scarcity of water and fuel, soil erosion, floods and droughts.

Answered by Social Science Expert | 7th Jul, 2014, 10:09: AM

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