in young's double expt using lyt of wavelength 400nm fringes of width X is obtained.The wavelength of 600nm &separation b/w slits is halved.If one wants the observed fringewidth onthe screen to be same inthe 2 cases, find the ratio of the distance b/w screen & the plane of sources in the two.

Asked by rebecca | 4th Jan, 2013, 08:51: PM

Expert Answer:

in case1:
screen distance=D1
distance between the slits=d
wave length=400nm
fringe width=x=400D1/d...........(i)
case 2:
screen distance=D2
distance between the slits=d/2
wave length=600nm
fringe width=x=600x2D2/d.............(ii)
so on dividing(i) by (ii):
D1/D2 =3:1

Answered by  | 11th Jan, 2013, 12:33: PM

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