In what way the play dear depated satrical


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The Dear Departed, tragically presents such an interesting situation and is packed with irony and wit. The main protagonist, Mr. Abel Merry Weather, is considered dead by his family members. His children consider him burden; the daughters were more concerned to outshine each other in terms of mourning dress, while the son-in-laws were concerned about their appetite before paying a visit to their 'dead' father-in-law. Because there was no mourning in their hearts, they sit over a cup of tea to discuss the obituary announcements, his deeds and how his belongings would be distributed among them; no one really spared a thought for the father. So, when Mr. Abel enters the room, unannounced, everyone is in for a shock but no one dares to tell him about his supposed 'death'. Though humorously but sadly, the truth is revealed to Mr.Abel. On knowing their true intentions, Mr.Abel, though hurt, announces that he is to marry Mrs. John Shorrocks, a widow. Though the play ends on a whimsical way, it outlines a miserable and pathetic situation in today's world. Man is still under the notion that wealth is the path to permanent fulfilment and well-being and caring for the elderly is a long forgotten responsibility.

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