in this problem,, the answer seems to suggest that ‘x’ is an infinitesimally small change in the initial concentration of HOCL at equilibrium, rendering it’s concentration pretty much unchanged. i’ve been wondering as to how we know that ? ‘x’ being negligible i mean ? 

i also do not understand why there is a random 10^2 being multiplied into the value of dissociated [HCOL] in the percent dissociation calculation. it seems to make no sense to me. unless i’m missing something.....



Asked by astutijoshi | 6th Jun, 2019, 07:09: PM

Expert Answer:

HOCl is a weak acid so when it is dissolved in water it's degree of dissociation is considered as very less as comopared to given concentration. because weak acids are not completely ionised. That's why x<<0.008
and 100 that is multplied for cnverting in percentage is written as 102.

Answered by Ravi | 7th Jun, 2019, 05:01: PM