In the science center, Drishti observed videos showing the effect on a current carrying wire in a uniform field. She noticed that the force on a wire becomes zero when it is oriented parallel to the magnetic field. She discussed her observation with her grandfather. He told her that we must also learn to orient and position ourself to avoid disturbing and distracting force in our lives.  Drishti promised it to him that she will always remember this.
(a) State any two values we should maintain in our life.
(b) Describe an experiment to demonstrate the force acting on a current carrying conductor due to magnetic field.
(c) What is short circuiting? Give its possible cause.

Asked by pdcavita | 20th Dec, 2017, 09:11: PM

Expert Answer:

a) Persistence and determination should be maintained in our life.
b) Please follow this link for answer to second question
c) short-circuiting occurs when the live wire comes in contact with the neutral wire, which results in a large quantity of current to flow through the conductor.
 This results in heating of the conductor and can lead to fire due to sparks. i) melting of insulation on conductor ii) rainfall 

Answered by Gajendra | 22nd Dec, 2017, 11:59: AM