in the question below why cant we use formula: v=(e/R+r)(r) qs is A cell of emf 8 V and internal resistance of 0.5 ohm is connected across a load of resistance (i) 15.5 ohm (ii) 11.5 ohm. Calculate the potential drop in each case.

Asked by Surbhi Kedia | 10th Feb, 2014, 01:10: AM

Expert Answer:

R is the external resistance that is connected in the circuit and r is the internal resistance of the cell or battery that is used.
v = E - Ir indicates the voltage that is available to the circuit components. E is the emf of the cell and Ir is the drop across the resistance of the cell.
V = (E/R+r)R gives the voltage drop across a particular external resistance connected in the circuit.

Answered by  | 10th Feb, 2014, 03:22: PM

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