In the principle of caloriemetry we have to assume that there is no loss of heat but it is not the same practically 

is the law of conservation violated in this case??

Asked by chitrachongdar07 | 8th Dec, 2020, 10:55: AM

Expert Answer:

Principle of Calorimetry:
When a hot body is mixed or kept in contact with a cold body, there is a transfer of heat from hot body to cold body such that
Total heat gained by colder body = Total heat lost by the hot body,
if there is no loss of heat to the surroundings.
If during practicals, if it occurs that heat lost by hot body is not equal to heat gained by cold body then it may be due to human error or instrumental error. 
The principle of calorimetry is depended on law of conservation of energy and it is not violated in any practical application. 

Answered by Shiwani Sawant | 8th Dec, 2020, 11:14: PM