In Rutherford experiment of giving structure of an atom . He concluded that Nucleus is present at the center on an atom . Why didn't he said that electron revolve around nucleus in elliptical orbit and Nucleus is at one of the two focii.

Asked by Shreyash Taori | 28th Jan, 2014, 08:07: AM

Expert Answer:

Hi Shreyash, Good Question!! This was the drawback of Rutheford's atomic theory. Rutherford’s atomic model could not explain how the moving electrons could remain in its orbit. Any charged particle during acceleration would give out energy; and while revolving it would lose energy and eventually fall into the nucleus. This means that the atom would be highly unstable. But, matter is composed of stable atoms. Thus, the major drawback of Rutherford’s atomic model was that it could not explain the stability of atoms.

Answered by  | 30th Jan, 2014, 05:24: PM

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