in phosphuros it can either loose 5 electrons or gain 3 electrons . why can't we do the same in nitrogen?

Asked by meghanavincent25 | 27th Oct, 2017, 09:28: PM

Expert Answer:

The electronic configuration of P is
G.S - 3s2 3px 1 3py 3pz 3d ............ hence here covalency of P atom is 3(sp3 hybridisation)
E.S. - 3s1 3px 1 3py 3pz 3d covalency of P atom is 5 (sp3 d hybridisation)
In case of N atom
G.S. - 2s2 2px 1 2py 2pz1 covalency is 3 (sp3 hybridisation) 
N atom don't have d orbital therefore it not showing variable valency like phosphorous atom.

Answered by Ramandeep | 30th Oct, 2017, 10:41: AM