in ncert textbook for the derivation of electric field in the capacitors the formula for the electric field due to an infinitely charged plate is used instead of that due to a conductor. how is this right?

Asked by aishwaryajoshi | 13th Dec, 2011, 06:54: PM

Expert Answer:

there is no contradiction.
in the text book the  net electric field in the region between the plates is ?/?0  (comes from adding the el fld due to each plate which are in same direction in the region between) , where as the el field due to each plate is ?/2?0.
in HCVerma, electric field in that region has been calculated from Gauss's law.
where total flux through the gaussian surface is taken ?A/?0.and "A" cuts from both sides . so the electric field at the region in betweenbecomes ?/?0 .

Answered by  | 14th Dec, 2011, 01:09: PM

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