In NCERT question no 1.9 page no 46 the formula used their for finding dipole moment is p=qxd(actually the formula is p=qx2d).Why is this used?

Asked by Venkataramanan Karthikeyan | 1st Jun, 2015, 09:55: AM

Expert Answer:

Magnitude of dipole moment is equal to the product of magnitude of either charge and the distance between them.
According to the formula, dipole moment is given by:
where 2a is the seperation between the charges.
In the question the seperation is given and it is actually the seperation 2a between the charge.
The formula used is the same P = q×2a
The seperation between the charge will be 2a 
And hence P=q×2a

Answered by Jyothi Nair | 1st Jun, 2015, 12:18: PM