In measuring the volume of piece of cork, it is observed that the initial level of water in a measuring cylinder is 30.2 ml, on immersing an iron piece, the level rises to 37.5 ml, while immersing the iron and cork piece together, the level rises to 40.3 ml. Find the volume of (i) iron piece, and (ii) cork piece.

Asked by Topperlearning User | 4th Jun, 2014, 01:23: PM

Expert Answer:

Given initial level of water V1 = 30.2 ml.

Level of water when iron piece is immersed V2 = 37.5 ml.

Level of water when both iron piece and cork piece are immersed V3= 40.3 ml.

(i) Volume of iron piece = V2- V1

                        = (37.5 - 30.2) ml= 7.3 ml (or 7.3 cm3)

(ii) Volume of cork piece = V3 - V2

                        = (40.3 - 37.5) ml= 2.8 ml (or 2.8cm3).

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