in kingdom plantae alternation of generation is not associated with 

a. lenght of diploid and haploid phases

b. sporophytic and gametophytic stages

c. no. of haplod and diploid phases

d. free living or dependent nature of haploid and diploid phases

Asked by kaintkaku | 13th May, 2018, 05:57: PM

Expert Answer:

  • Different plant groups exhibit different patterns in their life cycles.
  • Usually, they have two phases—a haploid phase, i.e. a gametophyte phase, and a diploid phase, i.e. a sporophyte phase.
  • Both phases alternate with each other. This is called alternation of generations.
  • Different patterns of alternation of generations have been observed in different groups of plants, based on the length of the haploid and diploid phases.
  • Alternation of generations, however, is not associated with the number of haploid and diploid phases.

Answered by Sheetal Kolte | 14th May, 2018, 10:07: AM