In earth magnetism, are geographic north and magnetic north on same side or on the opposite side??

Asked by Pragyashree Jain | 5th Aug, 2014, 12:17: PM

Expert Answer:

The Earth's Magnetic North and Geographic North are on the same side of each other. This is a convention followed as it becomes easier to navigate.
Hence, the figure shown is new text book is correct.
However, it is also to be noted that the actual magnetic North-South poles of Earth are reversed, i.e. the magnetic North is towards Geographic South and magnetic South is towards Geographic North. This is because opposite poles attract each other, and hence, south attracts towards north and north towards south. Hence, the names are given as follows:
Magnetic North = North seeking pole,
Magnetic South = South seeking pole.

Answered by Romal Bhansali | 5th Aug, 2014, 12:46: PM