In couloumb's law the value of the constant k is 1/4pi epsilon naught.Here epsilon naught is the vaccum permittivity.But what actually is permittivity here??

Asked by GeoffreyRichards | 29th Oct, 2010, 09:01: PM

Expert Answer:

Dear student
The force of attraction between two charges q1 and q2 placed at a distance r is given by ;
F = ( 1 / 4 ∏ ε ) ( q1 x q2 / r2 )
here, ε is the permeability of the medium. The permittivity of free space , εo is 8.854 x 10-12  farad / meter.
we hope this clarifies your doubt.

Answered by  | 30th Oct, 2010, 07:29: PM

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