In context of Act2 scene3 of merchant of venice
Why do Launcelot feel cheated if a christian is going to play dishonest and get Jessica

Asked by lovemaan5500 | 25th Oct, 2017, 07:05: PM

Expert Answer:

Launcelot, Shylock's servant, and Jessica, Shylock's daughter, had developed a great bond over the years. Though it was miserable for her to live with shylock, it was Launcelot who was a merry distraction from the misery. Before leaving the house, she also had the heart to gift him a ducat (gold coin). Launcelot, too, was quitting his job to serve Bassanio, a Christian. In an emotional farewell, he even refered to her as a 'sweet Jew' and because he was leaving a Jew and is supposed to serve a Christian, he told Jessica that he would feel cheated if a Christian is going to play dishonest to get her.   

Answered by Athira | 26th Oct, 2017, 05:46: PM

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