In cockroaches a special mode of vision is noticed...

a) write the specility of vision in them

b) name the organ and its basic units that perform vision in them

Asked by atriaalin12 | 3rd Oct, 2018, 10:42: PM

Expert Answer:

  • In cockroach, the compound eyes are present at the dorsal surface of the head.
  • Each eye consists of about 2,000 ommatidia.
  • Each ommatidium is a biconvex lens or cornea.
  • An image is formed by the eyes by the composition of several adjacent images received by the ommatidia. Such vision is called mosaic vision.
  • In such vision, images are sharp but seen separately and only in bright light
Here the organ is the compound eye and the basic units are the ommatidia. 

Answered by Sivanand Patnaik | 4th Oct, 2018, 08:51: AM