In Chemistry, in a given reaction , how to recognize which reaction it is  i.e oxidation,reduction or redox reaction?

Asked by rashikulkarni28 | 25th Jun, 2022, 10:24: PM

Expert Answer:

A chemical reaction in which loss of electrons and gain of electrons occur simultaneously is called a redox reaction.  




In this reaction, hydrogen acts as a reducing agent and reduces copper oxide to copper. This is a reduction reaction. 

Reduction: Cu+2 + 2e→ Cu 

Simultaneously, copper oxide acts as an oxidising agent and oxidises hydrogen to water. This is an oxidation reaction. 

Oxidation: 2H - 2e− → 2H+


There is one more way a reaction called redox is as follows:

Redox reactions: Redox reactions are those reactions in which both oxidation and reduction occur.

Oxidation - involves the loss of  hydrogen OR gain of oxygen 
Reduction - involves the gain of hydrogen OR loss of oxygen 
ZnO + C → Zn +CO
In this reaction, zinc oxide is reduced to zinc and Carbon is oxidized to carbon monoxide

Answered by Ravi | 27th Jun, 2022, 04:17: PM