In case of functions of salt bridge we say that it completes circuit but,the electrons will still be flowing from anode to cathode and current will flow initially even if we do not connect two solutions with a salt bridge(due to redox rxns taking place) then why we say so that it  completes circuit even if current can flow for sometime before electrical neutraliy of system is imbalanced?

Asked by upmaniousagarika | 8th May, 2016, 12:28: AM

Expert Answer:

The initial driving force for the electron flow for completion of circuit is redox reaction at two electrodes that is anode and cathode.
But, after some time, solution at anode compartment will become positive and solution at the cathode compartment will become negative.
Consequently, the electron flow will come to halt.
Salt bride helps for the continuation of the electron flow by maintaining electrical neutrality.

Answered by Prachi Sawant | 10th May, 2016, 01:03: PM