in baso4 why there is no 2 barium even so4 has the valency of 2

Asked by Rony Joseph | 9th Jul, 2013, 07:02: PM

Expert Answer:


To write the chemical formula for a compound it is best to use the S.V.S.D.Fsystem.

Step one: Write down the symbols of both the elements involved.

Step two: Beneath each symbol, write its valency. Memorise the table above to help you.

Step Three: Swap the valencies over.

Step Four: If the valencies can be simplified, divide them both by the smaller of the two numbers. If one of the numbers is already one, then they cannot be divided and simplified any further.

Step Five: Write the formula.

In case of BaSO4 the valency of Ba and SO4 both is 2, according to step 4 ,dividing both by 2 we get one and hence in the formula we dont show 2 in subscript of any ion.

Answered by  | 10th Jul, 2013, 11:56: AM

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