In an electromagnetic wave propagating along +x-axis electric field vector is Ey=4x103 Cos (3x108t-1.5x) v/m. what is (i) the frequency of em wave (ii) amplitude of magnetic field

Asked by Sudheer Nair | 28th Feb, 2012, 01:55: PM

Expert Answer:

Given, Ey= 4 x103 Cos (3x108t -1.5 x) V/m
(i) frequency, v =?/2?
           ?        =3 x108 rad/sec
v    =3x108/2?
     =4.77x107 Hz
(ii)amplitude of magnetic field Bz = Ey/c
                                              =4x 103 /3 x 108
                                             1.33X 10-5T

Answered by  | 4th Mar, 2012, 03:46: PM

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