in an electric circuit a battery of 4V is connected and the ammeter shows 0.6A. will the voltmeter show 4V or greater than or less than 4V, justify your answer.

Asked by saibaba1069 | 27th Feb, 2021, 02:11: PM

Expert Answer:

If the potential difference across battery terminals is 4 V when it is not connected to circuit and
current is not drawn from battery , then its EMF is 4 V.
When the battery is connected to electric circuit and the circuit is drawing current 0.6A ,
then there is a voltage dropn across the internal resistance of battery that is given as (0.6 × r )
where r is internal resistance. 
Hence voltage across battery when it is connected in circuit is  ( 4 - 0.6 × r ) V , which is less than its EMF 4 V

Answered by Thiyagarajan K | 27th Feb, 2021, 11:09: PM

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