I n space a n space A P comma space i f space S subscript 5 space plus space S subscript 7 space equals space 167 space a n d space S subscript 10 space equals space end subscript 235 comma space t h e n space f i n d space t h e space A P comma space w h e r e space S subscript n space d e n o t e s space t h e space s u m space o f space i t s space f i r s t space n space t e r m s.
In an AP, if S5 and S7 = 167 and S10 = 235, then find the AP, where Sn denotes the sum of its first n terms.

Asked by satapathy99 | 16th Mar, 2015, 08:16: PM

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Answered by Vimala Ramamurthy | 17th Mar, 2015, 11:07: AM