In a repeat of one of Michael Faraday's classic experiments, a solenoid of length 10 cm with 200 turns and radius 1 cm is surrounded by another solenoid of the same length, but with 400 turns and radius 2 cm. The two solenoids are not in contact. A current is switched on through the inner solenoid. Suppose that the current increases at the rate of 100As????1 during the switch-on. What is the emf induced in the outer solenoid? (Assume that a current carrying solenoid has no magnetic eld outside it.)

Asked by  | 27th Jan, 2012, 03:46: PM

Expert Answer:

The emf induced=L dI/dt
L=?0 *n1* n2* l* ? r22
n1= no of turns per unit length in small solenoid.
n2= no of turnsper unit length in second solenoid
dI/dt=100 A/sec.
n1=200/10= 20 turns /cm
n2=400/10= 40 turns /cm
put the values and get the answer.

Answered by  | 30th Jan, 2012, 08:02: PM

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