IN A MORNIN WALK 3 PERSONS STEP OFF TOGETHER,der steps measure 80cm,85cm nd 90cm resp.wat is da min DIS.EACH SHLD WALK SO THAT he can cover the dist. in complete steps.(how will v noe if v hv 2 find the hcf or lcm.IF IN CASE V R FINDIN THE LCM do hv 2 divide lcm by the 3 steps.)

Asked by  | 15th Aug, 2011, 12:00: AM

Expert Answer:

Here, we are looking for the number that is a multiple of all three original numbers and we don't want there to be any lower number that is also a multiple of all three numbers. So we are finding out the L.C.M in this case.
Minimum distance = L.C.M ( 80, 85, 90 ) = 12240 cm.
Note: we do not have to divide the L.C.M by any number.

Answered by  | 16th Aug, 2011, 03:22: PM

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