In a mixture of 45 litres,the ratio of water to milk is 2:13 .find how much water must be added to this mixture to make the ratio of milk to water 3:1

Asked by thabitha fernandez | 2nd Sep, 2012, 09:04: PM

Expert Answer:

Water: Milk = 2: 13
Then, we have:
2x + 13x = 45
15x = 45
x = 3
Thus, in 45 litre,
Water = 6 litres
Milk = 39 litres
Let x litre of water be added to make the ratio of milk to water as 3: 1.
Then, we have:
39/6+x = 3:1
Now, solve this equation to get the value of x which is the required litre of water which must be added to get the given ratio.

Answered by  | 2nd Sep, 2012, 09:27: PM

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