In a diagram of root hair how to differentiate bw

  1. Xylem and phloem
  2. Dicot and monocot seeds


Asked by lovemaan5500 | 31st Jan, 2018, 11:05: AM

Expert Answer:

Water is absorbed by root hairs and passes through several layers to the xylem. Xylem is situated deep inside the plant while phloem is located towards the outer side of the plant. Xylem forms the bulk of the plant body while phloem constitutes only a small part of the plant body.

Plants with a single cotyledon are monocots while those with two cotyledons are dicots.

Dicot plants have the taproot system. The outermost layer is called epidermis. The epidermal cells sometimes project out which appear as the root hairs.

Monocot plants have an adventitious root system.

Answered by Sheetal Kolte | 31st Jan, 2018, 12:04: PM