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Asked by manoj255 | 12th Nov, 2010, 11:10: PM

Expert Answer:

Dear student
Take note the following diagram.
At point A
S = +3 m
Initial vel = +u
Final velocity: -v2
Using v2-u2 =2aS
we get the equation,
v22 =u2-6g
At point B
S =-3m
Initial vel = +u
Final velocity = -v1
Using v2-u2 =2aS
we get the equation,
4v22 =u2 + 6g
substituting for v1=2v2 and solving for u we get
u = 10m/s
Then applying v2-u2 =2aS along the path O' till O
we get
0-100 = -2gh
where h = max ht attained = 5m.
We hope that resolves your query.

Answered by  | 13th Nov, 2010, 02:24: PM

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