ifunctional groups and homologous series are very confusing ......i just want to understand it better please help me..

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A series of organic compounds that have similar structural features but differ from adjacent members by (-CH2) group is referred to as homologous series. Each member of homologous series is called homolog.
1. CH3-OH, CH3-CH2-OH, C3H7-OH are the members of a homologous series called "Alcohols".
2. CH3-COOH, CH3-CH2-COOH, C3H7-COOH are the members of homologous series called "Carboxylic     acids".
3. CH3-O-CH3, C2H5-O-CH3, C3H7-O-CH3 are the members of homologous series called "Ethers".

 Functional Groups : There are certain atoms or groups of atoms known as functional groups which gives the compounds their characteristic properties.

Functional Group   Name   Example
  Alkane   CH3CH2CH3 (propane)
  Alkene   CH3CH=CH2 (propene)
  Alkyne   CH3CCH (propyne)
F, Cl, Br, or I   Alkyl halide   CH3Br (methyl bromide)
  Alcohol   CH3CH2OH (ethanol)
  Ether   CH3OCH3 (dimethyl ether)
  Amine   CH3NH2 (methyl amine)

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