If x is the no.of hours a labourer is on work and y are his wages in rupees,then y=4x+3.Draw the work-wage graph.From the graph,find the wages of a labourer who puts in 4 hrs of work?

Asked by  | 3rd Jan, 2012, 02:55: PM

Expert Answer:

Follow the following steps.
1:On the coordinate axes , let x-axes denote the no. of hours ie work
and y axes the  wages.
 2:plot the graph  for the equation y =4x +3, by taking thye following points.(obtained by substituting random values of x and getting the corresponding values of y.
3: This will a straight line and the required graph.
4:From x=4 , draw a perpendicular intersecting the graph  at a point say P.
5: The Y co-ordinate of the point is the required wages.
this should be 19.

Answered by  | 3rd Jan, 2012, 04:01: PM

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