If we have two eyes why dont we see two images of the same object?

Asked by Mujtaba Andrabi | 29th Nov, 2010, 11:22: PM

Expert Answer:

Dear student
The eyes work together to perceive depth, enabling us to judge distance and the size of objects to help us move around them. Not only do the two eyes work together, they also work with the brain, muscles, and nerves to produce complicated visual images and messages.
 The two images you see with both eyes are probably pretty similar. Your brain knows that and is able to put the two images together and make one single image.

With two eyes, we have a wider field of vision and can  see more than we could with just one eye.

In a 3-D world, having two eyes helps us figure out how far away something is. Our eyes need to focus, or point themselves in certain ways, differently in order to  see things at different distances. To  seesomething very far away, our eyes can pretty much point straight forward. To  see things really close, our eyes will have to slightly turn toward each other. The different focuses helps our brain figure out what is far away and what is really close! 



We hope this clarifies your doubt.

Answered by  | 30th Nov, 2010, 10:32: AM

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