If triplicate ratio of 4 :9 is equals to x -9 :3x+6,solve for x 

Asked by Anupama | 31st Dec, 2016, 11:12: AM

Expert Answer:

begin mathsize 16px style We space know space that comma space if space straight a :  straight b space is space straight a space ratio ,  then space its space triplicate space ratio space is space straight a cubed :  straight b cubed
So comma space the space triplicate space ratio space of space 4 space colon space 9 space is space 4 cubed :  9 cubed equals 64 space colon thin space 729
According space to space the space given space condition comma
64 over 729 equals fraction numerator straight x minus 9 over denominator 3 straight x plus 6 end fraction
rightwards double arrow 64 left parenthesis 3 straight x plus 6 right parenthesis equals 729 left parenthesis straight x minus 9 right parenthesis
rightwards double arrow 192 straight x plus 384 equals 729 straight x minus 6561
rightwards double arrow 537 straight x equals 6945
rightwards double arrow straight x equals 2315 over 179 end style

Answered by Rebecca Fernandes | 31st Dec, 2016, 06:46: PM