if the volume(in cm cube)of largest cube which can be cut form a sphere or radius 3

Asked by  | 2nd Feb, 2014, 01:37: PM

Expert Answer:

If the largest cube cut from the a sphere of radius 3 units, then the diagonal of the cube is equal to diameter of the sphere.
The diagonal of the cube is equals a square root of 3 comma space w h e r e space apostrophe a apostrophe space i s space t h e space s i d e space o f space t h e space c u b e.
Thus, we have, a square root of 3 equals 2 cross times 3 space u n i t s space equals space 6 space u n i t s
rightwards double arrow a equals fraction numerator 6 over denominator square root of 3 end fraction equals 2 square root of 3
Thus, volume of the cube is V equals a cubed equals open parentheses 2 square root of 3 close parentheses cubed equals 8 cross times 3 to the power of 3 over 2 end exponent equals 24 square root of 3 c u b i c space u n i t s

Answered by  | 3rd Apr, 2014, 10:57: AM

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