If the stars too are as near as planets then they donot twinkle? And if the planets are as far as stars then can they twinkle?


Asked by spankaj.ekt | 22nd Apr, 2020, 08:09: AM

Expert Answer:

A twinkling of stars occurs due to atmospheric refraction. 
The start - light entering the Earth's atmosphere undergoes refraction continuoulsy before reaching the Earth's surface. 
The atmosphere bends the light coming from star towards normal and thus, the apparnet position appears slightly higher than its actual position. 
This apparent position of stars keeps on changinging due to the changes in the physical conditions on the Earth. 
As star is at very distant from the Earth, they approximate as the point size sources of light. And as the apparent position keeps on fluctuating the stars appears to be twinkling. 
While for the planets, 
they are much closer to the Earth and thus appear as the extended sources.
Planets do appear bright from the Earth. But, the total variation in the amount of light entering the eyes is zero. 
Thus, planets does not appear to twinkle. 
So, according to your question, if the case has been reversed in terms of their respective distances then planets would have appeared to be twinkling and not the stars. 

Answered by Shiwani Sawant | 22nd Apr, 2020, 09:38: AM