If the point p(x,y) is equidistant from the pts A(5,1)and B(-1,5)p.t x=y

Asked by  | 17th Jan, 2012, 09:39: AM

Expert Answer:

Distance of p from A = ?(x-5)2+(y-1)2
Distance of p from B = ?(x+1)2+(y-5)2
Now distance from A = distance from B
 ?(x-5)2+(y-1)2 =?(x+1)2+(y-5)2
squaring both sides
(x-5)2+(y-1)2 =(x+1)2+(y-5)2
rearranging terms we get
(x-5)2 -(x+1)2 =(y-5)2 -(y-1)2
Hence -12x=-8y
or, 3x=2y not x=y as you have posted a wrong question
thank you

Answered by  | 17th Jan, 2012, 03:03: PM

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