If the graph of a particular equation is given, then how we could calculate the equation for which it stands?

Asked by zeenat110zehra | 12th Mar, 2017, 10:21: PM

Expert Answer:

Now this question you have asked is very generalised. So, in that case, you should know that different graphs have different techniques where we could determine the equation.
Now since the chapter you have written is Linear equations in gtwo variables, I will show you how to find the graph of a given linear equation.
Remember that the graph of a linear equation is always a straight line.
1. Choose any two points on the line.
2. Use that to find the slope of the given lines.
3. Then using slope-intercept form, you can find the equation of the given graph.
Now for CBSE class IX, you will probably not understand the above process since you have not studied this yet in your syllabus. 
Your syllabus, is restricted to only graphs of the form y = mx, x = a, y = a.
You will only have questions where you are given a graph, and from a given set of equations you will have to choose the equation, which correctly represents the graph.
So, for that, you consider the points on the graph, and check if the points satisfy the equations. 
The equation that it satisfies will be the correct equation of the corresponding graph.
Dear student, if you are still confused post a question where a graph is given. You can upload an image for convenience. 

Answered by Rebecca Fernandes | 12th Mar, 2017, 10:57: PM