If the CP of 10 articles equals the SP of 8 articles.find the profit or loss percent

Asked by ajayrath7 | 18th Oct, 2017, 05:49: PM

Expert Answer:

Let us try to approach the problem with these step(s)-
As the CP and SP are not given.
Let any variable 'x' be used to solve this problem.
As per the question, 
CP of 10 articles = SP of 8 articles ---- (I)
Let CP of one article be Re 1. (Unitary Method)
Therefore, CP of 10 articles = 10
Now, Condition (I) becomes,
10 = SP of 8 articles
=> 10/8 = SP of one article.
Now compare the CP and SP of one article, we see that the SP of one article is greater than the CP of the article.
Can you guess is there a profit or loss?
SP>CP means loss.
Loss = SP - CP
Then, Loss = 10 over 8 minus 1
On simplifying this, you will get
fraction numerator 10 minus 8 over denominator 8 end fraction equals 2 over 8
Loss percent = (Loss/CP) x 100
Loss% = (2/8) x 100 = 25%
Hope you may now attempt similar questions.

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