If the bond enthalpies of X2,Y2 and XY are in the ratio 1:2:4 and delta Hformation of XY = -200kJ,find the bond enthalpy of Y2

Asked by aruni_maiyer | 23rd Oct, 2010, 02:28: PM

Expert Answer:

Let us consider that,
Bond Enthalpies(BE) of X2=a
Bond Enthalpies(BE) of Y2=2a
Bond Enthalpies(BE) of XY=4a
Reaction can be written as:
1/2X2+1/2Y2 ...................> XY
ΔH=BE of Reactants - BE of products
=1/2 BE of X2+1/2 BE of Y2 - BE of XY
a=80 kJ/mole

Answered by  | 25th Oct, 2010, 12:08: AM

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