If silver atom occupy at centre, gold occupy body centre and lattice is CCP constituted by copper the formula of alloy will be

Asked by inbasri224 | 23rd Feb, 2019, 11:48: PM

Expert Answer:

Let us find the effective number of Cu, Ag and Au atoms in a unit cell,
1) The effective number of Cu atoms in a unit cell =
 equals 8 cross times 1 over 8 plus 6 cross times 1 half

equals space 1 space plus space 3 space

equals space 4

2) The effective number of Ag atoms in a unit cell = 
equals space 12 space cross times 1 fourth
equals space 3

3) The effective number of Au atoms in a unit cell = 1
So, the general formula of the alloy is Cu4Ag3Au

Answered by Ramandeep | 25th Feb, 2019, 12:00: PM

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