If n number of atoms form close packing, then there are 2n tetrahedral voids and n octahedral voids?Can you explian it with help of diagram?

Asked by Upkar | 19th May, 2013, 11:12: AM

Expert Answer:

Octahedral voids are formed by combination of voids of two triangular layers of atoms, when one triangular layer is placed above another, as shown in the figure,

Tetrahedral void is the name given to the vacant space formed by touching of four spheres, as shown in the figure,

There are two tetrahedral voids for each sphere and there is only one octahedral void for each sphere. Let the number of close packed spheres be N.


No. of tetrahedral voids = 2N

No. of octahedral voids = N

Answered by  | 20th May, 2013, 11:40: AM

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