If mass is a constant quantity and g have it's constant value (9.8 m/s^2) we know that weight W=mg. So  if both m & g are constant then why it is possible increase or decrease in weight as it happens in daily life ?

Asked by Deepak Singh | 31st Oct, 2014, 03:25: PM

Expert Answer:

Mass of a object remains constant in the sense that its value does not change from place to place but if more particles are added to a given or removed from a given mass, its value shall change.
The value of acceleration due to gravity is not constant but varies from place to place. Its value is least at the equator and maximum at poles. For, convinience an approximation is done and value of 'g' on Earth's surface is taken as 9.8m/s2.
Thus, the weight of an object also changes.

Answered by Sheetal Jalan | 2nd Nov, 2014, 05:43: PM

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