if in a question to verify law of  multiple  proportions

for eg

CO2 and CO

in  case of carbn dioxide % of oxygen is 72.7% and of   carbon 27.3%

in case of carbon monoxide % of oxygen is 57.14% and carbonis 42.8%

in this case  in order to verify law of definite proportions  i multiply percentages in each case to molecular masses of their respective compounds for eg.

72.7/100*44=32 and 27.3 /100*44=12

and 57.14/100*28=16   and 42.8 /100* 28 =12 so 32:16 =2:1

Asked by Viswanath | 27th Apr, 2014, 05:24: PM

Expert Answer:

Dear Viswanath,
The calculation that you have shown to verify the law of multiple proportion is correct.


Topperlearning Team.

Answered by Prachi Sawant | 8th May, 2014, 11:24: AM

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