if each new generation is to be the combination of DNA copies from two pre-existing individuals,then each new generation will end up having twice the amount of DNA that the previous generation had.This is likely to mess up the control of the cellular apparatus by the DNA.Besides if each generation double its DNA, fairly soon there will be only DNA on earth with no room for anything else.

Asked by Rutuja Mehta | 22nd Oct, 2013, 05:14: PM

Expert Answer:

During sexual reproduction, the reproducing cells or germ cells have half the number (amount) of chromosomes and DNA as compared to somatic or body cells or non-reproducing cells. As the offspring receives one DNA copy from each parent, this complex mechanism helps to maintain the amount of DNA constant in an individual. If the DNA had to get doubled during sexual reproduction, then each generation would have double the amount of DNA content as compared to the previous generation. That is why, the amount of DNA does not get doubled during sexual reproduction.

Answered by Sheetal Kolte | 22nd Oct, 2013, 05:53: PM

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