if bat and pigeon both can fly then why they are grouped under different classes????????

Asked by Snehal Pillai | 11th Mar, 2011, 01:20: AM

Expert Answer:

Dear student,
We do not consider only superficial characters like flying while classifying animals. Otherwise birds, bats, butterflies, moths etc. would all be grouped in the same category. All birds with external covering of feathers and forelimbs modified into wings are  classified under Aves whereas all animals with mammary glands, possessing hair on skin as well as showing external pinna are categorized under mammals. Females of mammals secrete milk to nourish their young ones. Bat shows mammary glands, hair on skin and pinna and hence even though they can fly, they are placed under Mammalia. They do not possess feathers.
Regards, Team Topperlearning

Answered by  | 11th Mar, 2011, 08:52: AM

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