if anode rays and cathode rays travel in  a straight line then why are they deflected by magnetic and electric fields .?

Asked by Sanmit Ratnaparkhi | 18th Jul, 2015, 05:37: PM

Expert Answer:

Cathode rays are electron beam or stream of electrons observed in vaccume tubes. Anode rays are positively charged and are also called canal rays.
  • When an electric field or magnetic field is applied over the discharge tube, the cathode rays gets deflected towards the positively charged plate. This deviation is because of the fact that cathode rays are negatively charged. Bending of these rays in an electric field shows that the rays must be made up of particles.
  • When an electric field is applied to the anode rays, they are deflected towards the negatively charged plate. These positive rays are deflected by electric field and magnetic field but in a direction opposite to that of cathode rays because it consists of positively charged particles called protons.

Answered by Hanisha Vyas | 19th Jul, 2015, 11:38: PM